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Tax haven luxembourg: the money of others

Luxembourg compensates for the plight of its steel industry through the financial sector. But what would the country do without tax dodging?

Has beautiful sides, too: Luxembourg’s old town. Photo: Frederic Collin/Getty Images

If you ask how the tax affair is viewed in the country itself, Luxembourg’s Economy Minister Etienne Schneider sends two officials right away. But before they speak, they lead the way to the windows of an office on the 13th floor.

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Astrid lindgren’s war diary: “nobody wanted to believe it”.

On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. On the same day, secretary Astrid Lindgren began a diary in Stockholm.

Astrid Lindgren in March 1988. photo: imago/teutopress

For Astrid Lindgren’s daughter Karin, born in 1934, this was all normal in her childhood, as she writes in the epilogue to her mother’s war diaries. The Swedish children of her generation were used to the fact that war was raging all around them, and also to the fact that Sweden, of all places, was spared. "It was also nothing special that my mother cut out newspaper articles and pasted them into diaries, I thought that was what parents did."

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Powerlessness against stalking: pure nerve terror

He knocks on her window, he writes thousands of SMS and mails. He follows her on vacation. Andrea Mau has a stalker: her ex-partner.

Today there is peace. Andrea Mau is still afraid Photo: dpa

Hundreds of SMS, calls, mails. Ambushing in front of the house, in front of work, following at every turn. This is the result of an obsession. Which the man calls love and the woman pursuit. An obsession that lasts for many years, occupies three courts and keeps the police on their toes. And against which the criminal law is powerless.

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Pothole prosperity: everything depends on the “we

The best is yet to come, Obama said at the start of his second presidency. That is, we can strengthen the common good if we want to.

"The best is yet to come," Obama proclaims. Image: dapd

The young woman is not prone to sentimentality. But when she heard Obama’s speech last Wednesday no, we are not as cynical as commentators believe. We are more than the sum of our individual desires – she said she got misty-eyed. The longing for a we that reaches beyond family and group into the past and future, it seems ineradicable.

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“Trip” by us band lambchop: singing when no grass grows

The band Lambchop around Kurt Wagner releases with "Trip" cover versions in US-American country style – despite Corona and the US election.

Sonorous voice of reason: Kurt Wagner of Lambchop Photo: Gullick

Lambchop and the US presidential election: The band from Nashville had hopefully named their penultimate album "FLOTUS", for "First Lady Of The United States" – release date: November 4, 2016. On the eve of the release, Donald Trump then triumphed over Hillary Clinton, although he had received significantly fewer electoral votes.

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