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Before the brexit vote in the house of commons: clear the stage for the showdown

Dispute over rules of procedure opens debate on withdrawal treaty with EU. Speaker of Parliament Bercow faces massive criticism.

John Bercow (right) faces fierce accusations from his own party colleagues Photo: ap

In the British House of Commons on Wednesday began the crucial debate on whether Britain will leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, with or without an agreement with the EU. The Brexit treaty negotiated between the United Kingdom and the EU in November has been submitted to parliamentarians for ratification, but it has so far met with such widespread rejection in British politics that the government postponed the vote on it, which was actually due in December, to Jan. 15 at short notice.

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Election of eu commission president: zensursula becomes eursula

After much controversy, Ursula von der Leyen was voted in as the new EU Commission President. She achieved a majority only by a narrow margin.

Ursula von der Leyen applied for the post of Commission President with a committed speech on Tuesday Photo: dpa

She had to fear and fight, but at the end of a long day she made it: The European Parliament has elected the German CDU politician Ursula von der Leyen as the next president of the EU Commission with 383 to 327 votes. She received nine votes more than necessary. 23 parliamentarians abstained, there was one invalid vote. The MEPs thus confirmed the controversial nomination by the Council. The EU heads of state and government had overruled the will of the Parliament and did not nominate any of the top candidates for the European elections.

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Tax haven luxembourg: the money of others

Luxembourg compensates for the plight of its steel industry through the financial sector. But what would the country do without tax dodging?

Has beautiful sides, too: Luxembourg’s old town. Photo: Frederic Collin/Getty Images

If you ask how the tax affair is viewed in the country itself, Luxembourg’s Economy Minister Etienne Schneider sends two officials right away. But before they speak, they lead the way to the windows of an office on the 13th floor.

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Trump administration against minorities: no protection for trans people

Trump wants to virtually eliminate transgender people. He knows exactly what he is doing. This mobilizes his own base, but also the opposition.

Commemorating the Orlando attack in Los Angeles on June 12 Photo by Ringo Chiu/ZUMA/imago images.

With the U.S. preoccupied with racist police violence and protests against it, President Donald Trump continues to blithely divide. He’s already on to the next minority that’s unpopular among his white voters: trans people. He would prefer to abolish them altogether, according to documents leaked as long as two years ago.

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Dispute with publisher holtzbrinck: steingart leaves the “handelsblatt”.

The publisher and former editor-in-chief of the "Handelsblatt" Gabor Steingart is leaving. He admits that he has often overstretched the publisher’s patience.

"Differences in essential questions of company law": Steingart and his publisher disagreed a lot Photo: dpa

After his sharp criticism of still-SPD party leader Martin Schulz, Handelsblatt publisher Gabor Steingart is leaving the business newspaper. Handelsblatt publisher Dieter von Holtzbrinck has agreed with the 55-year-old to end their "professional partnership," DvH Medien GmbH announced in Stuttgart on Friday. Von Holtzbrinck is the main owner of Handelsblatt Media Group. Earlier, Der Spiegel had reported on the publisher’s possible departure.

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Murder of cdu politician walter lubcke: the rule of law takes over

In Frankfurt, the trial for the murder of Kassel District President Lubcke has begun. The defendants remain silent, their lawyers attack.

Taking part in the trial as a sign against hate and violence: Lubcke family Photo: Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images/Pool/dpa

Then it’s there. At just after ten o’clock on Tuesday, Stephan Ernst is brought in handcuffs to Room 165 of the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main. The 46-year-old stares fixedly into the hall. He is wearing a white shirt and black jacket, his hair is parted on the side. An unusual picture. In the photos of his arrest, Ernst was still wearing a baggy shirt and a swirly hairdo, in even earlier pictures he was wearing a shirt with an NPD emblem. Now, however, Ernst is making an effort to present a completely different appearance, a serious one. And he doesn’t hide, he looks openly at the cameras.

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Schools in the corona pandemic: remedial action needed

The situation at schools in the pandemic continues to be unsatisfactory. There are problems with the implementation of hygiene regulations and digitalization.

Math lessons with tablet. It doesn’t always work as well as it seems to here Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

Experts and those who need to know often like to say that the corona pandemic has made many weak points "in society" or "in the system" even more apparent, bringing them into public focus as if under a burning glass. Now, shortly before the fall vacations, which begin in most federal states on Monday, in the school year 1 AD, two topics have emerged on which the school society in Germany has an increased need for discussion.

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Voices from thuringia on the afd’s success: “show even more attitude”.

Civil society and minorities see the strengthened AfD as a particular threat. However, they will not be intimidated.

Such election results should never be accepted as "normal," also says Charlotte Knobloch Photo: dpa

Mohammed Suleman Malik is not surprised by the AfD’s result in Thuringia. "I saw it coming, we saw it coming: 23 percent voted for a fascist," says Malik, spokesman for the Muslim Ahmadiyya community in Thuringia. "But the majority voted for anti-fascists. That gives us hope."

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Sports lawyer on betting fraud law: “this is only a first step”.

The federal cabinet passed a draft law against betting fraud on Wednesday. For sports lawyer Fiedler, it does not go far enough.

Much ahead, Heiko Maas behind it: "Red card for match fixing" Photo: dpa

site: Mr. Fiedler, with the new law against betting fraud and manipulation, the string-pullers and their accomplices would now finally have to fear prosecution.

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Forming a government in italy: next chance for populists

The Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio is approaching the Lega Nord with a new attempt. It is questionable whether its leader Matteo Salvini will go along with it.

Will Luigi di Maio’s Five Star Movement agree with the Lega on a new minister after all? Photo: dpa

In Italy, attempts continue to avert a new election after all. President Sergio Mattarella initially allowed the populist Five Star Movement to continue negotiating with the xenophobic Lega without a deadline. Should the renewed attempt at rapprochement fail, Carlo Cottarelli stands ready as the designated prime minister for an interim government. At least there were no more problems with his list of ministers, according to reports from the presidential palace.

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