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Gilded spiritualized metal: buddha finds place in bremen

After being ritually filled, the Peace Buddha in Bremen’s Botanika will have transformed into a cult object

When it’s finished, it should look like this: a golden little guy next to pink azaleas Photo: Montage: Schulze Pampus Architekten

What peace! What power! What a massive figure with an almost childishly small head! In the future, an almost three-meter-high Buddha figure will sit in Bremen’s Science Center Botanika, gleam golden and exhale its peaceful spirit over Europe – as a peace Buddha.

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Rethinking tourism: travel as a sensual experience

The consumer logic of tourism not only harms the environment – it also pushes us away from the real purpose of travel.

Plenty of room for pigeons in Barcelona’s Plaza de Catalunya Photo: Nacho Doce/reuters

A top theme of the pandemic season has been walks. And so it happened that walk scientist Bertram Weisshaar became a sought-after interviewee. Weisshaar’s latest book, "Einfach losgehen," talks about walking, straying, thinking, hiking. Weisshaar is passionate about reading landscapes the way other people read books, and you can only do that on foot. He considers finding one’s own paths in a thoroughly planned landscape to be art. For him, a walk under corona conditions is like "consciously taking time off".

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Presidential election in congo: bemba returns after prison sentence

Bemba spent ten years in prison in The Hague. As the opposition’s hopeful, he is kicking off the election campaign with his return to Kinshasa.

Bemba bathed for hours in the crowd of his supporters Photo: reuters

After eleven years in exile, ten of them behind bars, Congo’s former rebel leader, vice president and opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba returned home on Wednesday. His private jet from Brussels landed at the international airport in the capital, Kinshasa, in the morning. It took several hours for the "Igwe" (king), as his supporters call Bemba, to reach the headquarters of his party, the Congolese Liberation Movement (MLC). Tens of thousands cheered the opposition leader on the large Lumumba Boulevard, which leads from the airport to the center of the city of 12 million inhabitants, and chanted slogans against Congo’s President Joseph Kabila. The police fired tear gas sporadically; several people were injured.

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Surreptitious advertising on tv: in good company

Thomas Gottschalk’s brother allegedly collected millions for surreptitious advertising on the show "Wetten, dass … ?" – he wouldn’t be the first.

Scandal, scandal. But not for the first time – at least on public television. Image: dapd

Christoph Gottschalk is said to have placed surreptitious advertising in the show "Wetten, dass …" hosted by his brother Thomas. Christoph Gottschalk is said to have placed surreptitious advertising in the program hosted by his brother Thomas. The scandal is not new, it’s just another one at public broadcasters. Six examples:

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