Rethinking tourism: travel as a sensual experience

The consumer logic of tourism not only harms the environment – it also pushes us away from the real purpose of travel.

Plenty of room for pigeons in Barcelona’s Plaza de Catalunya Photo: Nacho Doce/reuters

A top theme of the pandemic season has been walks. And so it happened that walk scientist Bertram Weisshaar became a sought-after interviewee. Weisshaar’s latest book, "Einfach losgehen," talks about walking, straying, thinking, hiking. Weisshaar is passionate about reading landscapes the way other people read books, and you can only do that on foot. He considers finding one’s own paths in a thoroughly planned landscape to be art. For him, a walk under corona conditions is like "consciously taking time off".

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Tunisia before the election: new trench warfare in sight

First presidential, then parliamentary elections: In Tunisia, the moderate Islamists of Ennahda could expand their influence.

Supporters of the prime minister are happy about his announcement to run again Photo: reuters

The upcoming presidential election in Tunisia is already turning into a veritable political thriller during the campaign. The race to enter the presidential palace in Tunis is completely open, and the list of favorites is long. If no candidate achieves an absolute majority in the first round on Sept. 15, a duel reminiscent of Tunisia’s political trench warfare between Islamists and secularists since the mass revolt of 2011 could repeat itself in the runoff.

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Animal rights activists praise poultry meat company: wiesenhof invests in artificial meat

The company supports the development of meat from the retort. The animal rights organization Peta sees this as a success for itself.

Chicken breast could be produced largely without animal suffering in the laboratory in the future, researchers promise Photo: dpa

Germany’s largest poultry meat company PHW/Wiesenhof is getting into the development of artificially produced meat. The company has acquired a minority stake in the Israeli start-up Supermeat, PHW CEO Peter Wesjohann told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur. Animal rights organization Peta claimed this new part of the group’s strategy as a success.

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Tax haven luxembourg: the money of others

Luxembourg compensates for the plight of its steel industry through the financial sector. But what would the country do without tax dodging?

Has beautiful sides, too: Luxembourg’s old town. Photo: Frederic Collin/Getty Images

If you ask how the tax affair is viewed in the country itself, Luxembourg’s Economy Minister Etienne Schneider sends two officials right away. But before they speak, they lead the way to the windows of an office on the 13th floor.

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Trump administration against minorities: no protection for trans people

Trump wants to virtually eliminate transgender people. He knows exactly what he is doing. This mobilizes his own base, but also the opposition.

Commemorating the Orlando attack in Los Angeles on June 12 Photo by Ringo Chiu/ZUMA/imago images.

With the U.S. preoccupied with racist police violence and protests against it, President Donald Trump continues to blithely divide. He’s already on to the next minority that’s unpopular among his white voters: trans people. He would prefer to abolish them altogether, according to documents leaked as long as two years ago.

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Dealing in the social media: the tone exhausts

Many are afraid of being discredited because of mistakes. Yet it is precisely those who share common goals who should approach each other constructively.

When did it become okay to be an asshole under the guise of "criticism"? Photo: getty

I’m a woman who puts discrimination at the center of her work, is active on social media, and is strong about not discriminating against anyone while being self-reflective – in other words, the perfect condition to be outcalled or even caned by people who stand for similar things as I do. As soon as you gain some "notoriety" on social media with topics with which you want to make this society a little better, especially women have to reckon with being shitstormed.

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Strategies for securing raw materials: one plus one makes only two

The German government has adopted two strategies to secure the supply of raw materials. In doing so, it is working strictly according to departmental boundaries.

An electric car at a charging station also raises questions from a raw materials perspective Photo: dpa

What will we use to build cars or houses in the future? What will clothing, furniture or medicines be made of – and will we still be able to get hold of the raw materials for future technologies such as lithium and cobalt in competition with China? The German government is trying to answer these questions with two strategies that it adopted in the cabinet on Wednesday.

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Dispute between milka and ritter sport: taste counts again tomorrow

The dispute over the shape of chocolate is likely to leave modern consumers cold. They are more interested in the sugar content or even the taste.

Shiny packaging. But the days when square was automatically good are over Photo: Daniel Maurer/dpa

The ruling in the Milka vs. Ritter Sport dispute is a victory for both chocolate producers, as it is for all brand owners, but it won’t last long. Not only yesterday, but over the past ten years – that’s how long the entire legal dispute has lasted – the Republic has divided into supporters of the purple cow or the sporty chocolate square whenever the topic has come up.

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Nadav lapid on the courage to take risks: “i want to make more radical films”.

Films should challenge him and the audience, says Nadav Lapid. He won the Golden Bear for "Synonymes," which is now in theaters.

Tom Mercier and Louise Chevillotte in Nadav Lapid’s Berlinale winner "Synonymes" Photo: Grandfilm

site: Mr. Lapid, the protagonist of your film "Synonymes," Yoav, is a young Israeli who leaves his homeland and moves to Paris to reinvent himself here. How would you describe him?

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New head for ndr elbphilharmoniker: a new yorker is to set things right

The former shining light Thomas Hengelbrock has been ditched, Alan Gilbert from the New York Philharmonic Orchestra is coming – and will be the new head of the NDR Elbphilharmoniker.

New shining light: Alan Gilbert will become chief conductor of the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra in 2019 Photo: Axel Heimken/dpa

"Now we have a complete conductor who can do everything. Who serves a broad repertoire from old to new and is also explicitly dedicated to new music." It sounds nice what NDR orchestra director Achim Dobschall says about Alan Gilbert, the designated chief conductor of the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra: And yet the praise is poisoned, because it also means that still-conductor Thomas Hengelbrock can’t do everything.

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