Protest against oil exploration: repsol wants to drill in canary islands

A large protest campaign is forming against oil drilling plans off the Canary Islands. More than 33,000 signatures have already been collected against the Repsol project.

The beaches of Fuerteventura are threatened with oil drilling. Picture: reuters

Massive resistance is mounting against plans by Spanish oil company Repsol to drill for oil off the Canary Islands. A protest campaign collected more than 33,000 signatures against the project since Monday, it was announced Tuesday.

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After kuciak’s murder in slovakia: a devastating signal

The acquittal in the murder case of Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak was met with great resentment. Reporters Without Borders hope for the next instance.

Escapes punishment for now: Marian Kocner was accused of being the mastermind behind the murder of Jan Kuciak Photo: Petr David Josek/ap

Two and a half years ago, the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee Martina KušnIrova shocked the public in Slovakia and far beyond. After the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta, it was the second such crime in an EU country in less than five months. How was such a thing possible in the middle of Europe? This question has also been on our minds at Reporters Without Borders ever since.

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Sports preview 2017: finns in the bus tunnel

Unpleasantness from the sporting un-city of Hamburg, the canonization of Beckenbauer and the best prospects for the ski circus in the Himalayas.

The alpine ski circus reacts to climate change: VIP tent at the World Cup opener in the Himalayas Photo: Imago/robertharding

Leverkusen, January 22. Finally back in the Bundesliga. And factory club Monsanto 04 is euphoric: After eight blown penalties this season, Julian Brandt ("my legs were shaking") is actually the first to shoot the ball from the spot all the way into the goal in the final minute. "During the training camp, we only practiced penalty kicks," says coach Roger Schmidt in strategic self-praise. However, the game against Hertha ends 1:3. "But the curse is over," says Schmidt. "Soon also his time," adds the Stadt-Anzeiger.

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Dispute with publisher holtzbrinck: steingart leaves the “handelsblatt”.

The publisher and former editor-in-chief of the "Handelsblatt" Gabor Steingart is leaving. He admits that he has often overstretched the publisher’s patience.

"Differences in essential questions of company law": Steingart and his publisher disagreed a lot Photo: dpa

After his sharp criticism of still-SPD party leader Martin Schulz, Handelsblatt publisher Gabor Steingart is leaving the business newspaper. Handelsblatt publisher Dieter von Holtzbrinck has agreed with the 55-year-old to end their "professional partnership," DvH Medien GmbH announced in Stuttgart on Friday. Von Holtzbrinck is the main owner of Handelsblatt Media Group. Earlier, Der Spiegel had reported on the publisher’s possible departure.

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Murder of cdu politician walter lubcke: the rule of law takes over

In Frankfurt, the trial for the murder of Kassel District President Lubcke has begun. The defendants remain silent, their lawyers attack.

Taking part in the trial as a sign against hate and violence: Lubcke family Photo: Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images/Pool/dpa

Then it’s there. At just after ten o’clock on Tuesday, Stephan Ernst is brought in handcuffs to Room 165 of the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main. The 46-year-old stares fixedly into the hall. He is wearing a white shirt and black jacket, his hair is parted on the side. An unusual picture. In the photos of his arrest, Ernst was still wearing a baggy shirt and a swirly hairdo, in even earlier pictures he was wearing a shirt with an NPD emblem. Now, however, Ernst is making an effort to present a completely different appearance, a serious one. And he doesn’t hide, he looks openly at the cameras.

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Schools in the corona pandemic: remedial action needed

The situation at schools in the pandemic continues to be unsatisfactory. There are problems with the implementation of hygiene regulations and digitalization.

Math lessons with tablet. It doesn’t always work as well as it seems to here Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

Experts and those who need to know often like to say that the corona pandemic has made many weak points "in society" or "in the system" even more apparent, bringing them into public focus as if under a burning glass. Now, shortly before the fall vacations, which begin in most federal states on Monday, in the school year 1 AD, two topics have emerged on which the school society in Germany has an increased need for discussion.

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Voices from thuringia on the afd’s success: “show even more attitude”.

Civil society and minorities see the strengthened AfD as a particular threat. However, they will not be intimidated.

Such election results should never be accepted as "normal," also says Charlotte Knobloch Photo: dpa

Mohammed Suleman Malik is not surprised by the AfD’s result in Thuringia. "I saw it coming, we saw it coming: 23 percent voted for a fascist," says Malik, spokesman for the Muslim Ahmadiyya community in Thuringia. "But the majority voted for anti-fascists. That gives us hope."

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Sports lawyer on betting fraud law: “this is only a first step”.

The federal cabinet passed a draft law against betting fraud on Wednesday. For sports lawyer Fiedler, it does not go far enough.

Much ahead, Heiko Maas behind it: "Red card for match fixing" Photo: dpa

site: Mr. Fiedler, with the new law against betting fraud and manipulation, the string-pullers and their accomplices would now finally have to fear prosecution.

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Jan kuciak’s murderer sentenced: 23 years for contract killing

The sentence for the murder of the journalist and his partner: a long prison term. Relatives criticize it as too lenient.

The defendant at a court hearing in December 2019 Photo: Radovan Stoklasa/reuters

A disappointed murmur went through the courtroom when the judge gave the executioner his sentence. Because twenty-three years in prison seemed to the audience too little for a brutal killer like Miroslav MarCek. This was also the opinion of the prosecutor in charge and he filed an appeal even before the sentence had died away in the corridors of the special court in Pezinok.

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Tesla factory in brandenburg: construction to start before the end of march

Tesla boss Musk wants to "definitely" come to the laying of the foundation stone. Objections to the factory are still possible until Thursday.

Only a few isolated trees still stand on the Tesla site in Brandenburg Photo: dpa

Brandenburg’s Minister of Economics Jorg Steinbach (SPD) expects U.S. electric carmaker Tesla to start building its factory in Grunheide nearBerlin before the end of March. The Economics Ministry confirmed on Monday that the groundbreaking ceremony is expected to take place in the second half of the month.

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