“Headscarf ruling” in berlin: neutrality reinterpreted

The reasoning now presented by the labor court on the "headscarf ruling" of February defuses the coalition dispute over the law.

Will women be allowed to wear headscarves to school in future? Photo: dpa

In February, the Berlin Regional Labor Court (LAG) awarded a Muslim educator compensation of around 8,500 euros because the Senate did not want to hire her as an elementary school teacher because of her headscarf. The state later offered the woman an employment contract as a vocational school teacher. However, this did not eliminate the discrimination, the LAG explained in the reasons for the ruling. The woman wanted to teach at elementary schools and was not allowed to do so, although there was a great need for teachers there.

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Parliamentary elections in luxembourg: left-liberal alliance re-elected

Xavier Bettel could continue to govern Luxembourg for the next five years. His three-party coalition has won a majority, albeit a narrow one.

Things are looking good for Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel after the election Photo: dpa

After the parliamentary election in Luxembourg, everything points to a continuation of the previous three-party coalition of Liberals, Social Democrats and Greens. The alliance, which has ruled since 2013 under the leadership of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, had won the narrowest possible majority of 31 of the 60 seats in parliament. Bettel said Monday morning after initial talks with the other two previous coalition partners: "We are confirmed as a coalition."

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Possible scenarios for crisis in the gulf: kiss or fight

The boycott of Qatar by Arab countries is of no use to anyone at the moment. Will the countries reach a compromise or will war break out?

Dead in the water: The border crossing from Qatar to Saudi Arabia is not very busy at the moment Photo: reuters

Can the current conflict over the small emirate of Qatar actually lead to war? At any rate, this was the concern expressed by German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung over the weekend. The way the Gulf states treat each other is "dramatic," he said.

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Transport in berlin: it’s coming, it’s not coming, it’s coming…

The red-red-green coalition reaches an agreement and wants to pass the mobility law, which was recently stopped by the SPD faction, before the summer break after all.

A cycling SPD member: Neukolln’s new mayor Martin Hikel Photo: dpa

The red-red-green coalition has managed to get its act together on the mobility law and can pass it before the summer break in the House of Representatives as promised. The SPD, the Left Party and the Greens agreed to a compromise proposal in their parliamentary group meetings on Tuesday afternoon. Last week, the SPD had stopped the bill shortly before the vote in the transport committee: there was still a need for consultation. According to reports, the Social Democrats lacked a separate chapter on the subject of car traffic, just as there are concrete specifications on bicycle, pedestrian and bus, streetcar and rail traffic.

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After the attack in vienna: the search for culprits

In the run-up to the attack, things went wrong in Austria’s authorities. Politicians are blaming each other.

Interior Minister Nehammer during a special session of the National Council Photo: Schroetter/Eibner Pressefoto/EXPA/imago

The jihadist terrorist attack in Vienna could probably have been prevented if the authorities had worked. That is now the consensus among political parties. At a special session of the National Council on Thursday, there was a hail of blame.

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Column mithulogy: “vulval lips” in the dictionary!

The dictionary, doctors and teachers speak of labia. This has to stop: There is no reason to be ashamed of your genitals!

Viva la vulva instead of viva la shame Photo: dpa

Already talked about genitals today? Yes (then read on at the next paragraph). No (then read on at the next paragraph). Maybe (okay, maybe this column isn’t for you, but maybe that’s why you should read on at the next paragraph).

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